Donate to Worldbuilders, win a chance for some amazing signed books and prizes

Now that the world didn't end — so much for the predictive powers of the ancient Mayans — why don't you take the time to help build the world up. Worldbuilders is one of the genre community's best charities and a great way to change the world for the better.

Founded by author Pat Rothfuss, Worldbuilders helps fund the amazing work done by Heifer International. There are two ways to donate through Worldbuilders. First, you can go to the WorldBuilders page on Team Heifer and donate. For every $10 you donate, you'll receive one chance receive to win prizes such as signed books from authors like me (including both Million Writers Award anthologies I edited and my short story collection Never Never Stories). 

You can also purchase signed books and items directly from WorldBuilders through their online store and auctions. As with the donations, all money goes to Heifer. Complete details on the store and auctions can be found on the Worldbuilders website

Thanks to Pat Rothfuss for running Worldbuilders each year. I encourage everyone to go and donate for a great cause.