"Mirrorblink" now available in ebook and print editions of Interzone 243


My novellete "Mirrorblink is now available in print and ebook editions of Interzone 243. So far, reviews have been good.

Matthew Dent says "Mirrorblink" is a perfect example of why I'm one of his favorite writers and that "The story itself is beautifully written, and the protagonist a wonderfully constructed character. The ideas and themes in the story are exactly what good SF should be grappling with, and evoke more questions than they answer. As well they should."

Steve Rogerson calls "Mirrorblink" the best story in this issue of Interzone, and that "Sanford tells this complex and entertaining post-apocalyptic tale with skill."

You can find Interzone in stores now. You can also purchase ebook editions, or subscribe, at the following links.