Signed and numbered copies of Million Writers Award anthologies, along with free chapbook and new Plague Birds story!

MWAAnthologiesWhen Spotlight Publishing released my short story collection Never Never Stories last year, I offered readers the chance to purchase signed and numbered copies. Because that was so popular a few people asked if I'd do the same with the upcoming Million Writers Award anthologies.

Short answer: Yes!

Anyone who orders Million Writers Award: The Best Online Science Fiction and Fantasy or Million Writers Award: The Best New Online Voices through Spotlight Publishing before the publication date of June 14 will have their books signed and numbered by me. (See note at bottom for more details, including how international orders will be handled and what to do if you've already ordered an anthology.)

But wait – cue television pitchman voice – there's more!

  • Everyone who pre-orders one print copy of either MWA anthology will receive a signed, limited edition chapbook of a new story by me, "The Bayou Witch's Guide to True Forgotten Love."
  • Anyone who orders both MWA anthologies will also receive a sneak preview of the new novel I'm working on, Plague Birds. The novel continues the story first told in my Interzone Readers' Poll winning "Plague Birds" and continued in "The Ever-Dreaming Verdict of Plagues" (both originally published in Interzone). The sneak preview contains the first third of the Plague Birds novel, meaning you'll receive the equivalent of a third brand-new story along with the two already mentioned above. I'd send you the preview as your choice of either a PDF or e-book readable file.

And all that's on top of the special pricing and free ebook offers Spotlight is already giving for pre-orders.

The reason we're doing the special offers is I really want people to read these anthologies. These stories are, in my opinion, reshaping the world of short fiction. The authors in these anthologies are the people you'll be reading in the decades to come.

To place your order, go to 

Please note: If you order a signed copy, please allow an extra week after the June 14 publication date to receive the anthology(ies). The simple truth is the laws of time and space are difficult to bend and Spotlight needs that week to ship me the books required for signing.

Also, I want to thank Spotlight for covering the extra domestic postage required for this special offer. I'm also personally covering the additional cost for internation orders, but what the heck, me thinks. I doubt the cost will break me. But I'm also often wrong about things like this.

And finally, if you already ordered a print copy of the anthologies and you'd like it to be signed and numbered, simply email me and I'll pass the word to Spotlight.