Appearance tomorrow at OSU Intergalactic Science Fiction Club

I'll be appearing at the Ohio State University Intergalactic Science Fiction Club tomorrow, April 10th, at 8 pm. The club meets in Campbell Hall, Room 309, and the meeting is open to students, faculty, and non-students.

The meeting is somewhat informal, so I'll be discussing any topics people bring up. I've also been asked to discuss

  • My "journey" on how I came to the point where I am today; 
  • My inspirations and/or favourite works;
  • Setbacks in my writing career (ooh, I could talk for hours on that :-);
  • Suggestions / hints / tips for aspiring writers. 
I'll also be selling and signing copies of my short story collection Never Never Stories and the two Million Writers Award anthologies. I only have a few copies of the MWA anthologies – which won't be released until June 14 – so if you want to grab one before everyone else this is your chance.