Teaser for my upcoming story "Plague Birds"

IZ228Issue 228 of Interzone will be out in early May and features my story "Plague Birds." At right is a preview of the cover.

Interzone's editor Andy Cox was nice enough to send me the title spread for my story, and wow, it is amazing. The artwork was created by Darren Winter, who captures the essence of "Plague Birds" with his damn-beautiful art. Anyone interested in seeing the opening spread can download it in a PDF format.

Just FYI, "Plague Birds" is a far-future science fiction tale set on an earth suffering from extreme genetic manipulation. Humanity is now a hybrid mix of animal and human genes, resulting in extremely violent cultural and personal interactions. To control this violence, a subset of humanity called plague birds patrol the land, wielding the one punishment everyone fears: The most painful death imaginable.

Thanks to Andy for letting me share this teaser page. If you want to read the full story, subscribe to Interzone now.