Bowing to the reality of reading 190 stories

I haven't posted much in the last two weeks for a very simple reason: I have 190 stories to read for the Million Writers Award!

Unfortunately, I'm not on track to make my self-imposed May 1st deadline for posting the top ten stories and starting the public vote for the best story. If anyone wants to know why, the delay is due to a mix of work overload, family hijinks, more work overload, and oh, did I mention the 190 STORIES I HAVE TO READ!

I'm now planning to have the top ten stories up by May 15th.

And in some good news, we have another $50 donation to add to the prize money. The donation is from Zahir Publishing, so be nice and check out their wonderful speculative fiction magazine. Just FYI, in January of this year Zahir transitioned from a print magazine to purely online.