Story of the Week: "Johnny Cash Beset by Darkness" by John Marshall Daniel

I'm still working on my top ten selections from the Million Writers Award notable stories of 2007. While I haven't made up my mind about a handful of stories, there is one tale I'm totally in love with. This is also a story which, tragically, I can't select: "Johnny Cash Beset by Darkness" by John Marshall Daniel.

The reason I can't pick this story is because it was published in storySouth, a literary journal I edit. Our fiction editor Scott Yarbrough is to be commended for selecting this amazing story, which--without giving too much away--involves a lush Southern setting and a disturbing travelling sideshow. But while a lesser story would have dog-paddled in the warm waters of these familiar story-telling cliches, this tale dive deep into the cold, fresh waters of Daniel's unique writing voice. The result is a classic tale which stays with the reader. While I can't select this story because of the obvious conflict of interest, I highly recommend it.