New SF/F magazines

The Oct. 2007 issue of Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show is now available. As I previously mentioned, the issue includes the wonderful "In The Beginning, Nothing Lasts" by Mike Strahan. Other top notch work includes "The Towering Monarch of His Mighty Race" by Cat Rambo and "The Price of Love" by Alan Schoolcraft, which is a fascinating and compelling beginning to a two part story. I look forward to the conclusion in the next issue. There is also a new Ender story by Orson Scott Card. In addition, the issue features excellent artwork, such as the compelling visual by Scott Altmann for Brad Beaulieu's story "How Peacefully the Desert Sleeps" (which is also a good read). IGMS counts as a qualifying, professional-level market by SFWA standards, so it's gratifying to see the magazine giving so many slots to new and less-well-known writers.

The other day I mentioned the January 2008 Asimov's, which includes a number of good stories. One fascinating story I missed was "Unlikely" by Will McIntosh, which is a love story where the greater good of humanity depends on two unlikely people getting together. This is a fun, light-hearted read with an ending guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.