SF/F tidbits

Two SF/F tidbits to mention:

  • The speculative genre site SFScope appears to be thriving. With an easy to use interface, clean design, and tons of regularly updated news and information, this website is worth reading on a daily basis.
  • Editor and poet Mike Allen is accepting submissions for the anthology Clockwork Phoenix. As Allen says, the anthology "is a home for stories that sidestep expectations in beautiful and unsettling ways, that surprise with their settings and startle with the ways they cross genre boundaries, that aren't afraid to experiment with storytelling techniques. But experimentation is not a requirement: the stories in the anthology must be more than gimmicks, and should appeal to genuine emotions, suspense, fear, sorrow, delight, wonder. I will value a story that makes me laugh in its quirky way more than a story that tries to dazzle me with a hollow exercise in wordplay."