A very good New Year for writing

The new year is starting off great in terms of publications. In the last few weeks I've sold two novelettes, along with Chinese translation rights to two books.

  • My science fiction novelette "Toppers" sold to Asimov's Science Fiction. This is my first dip into the time travel subgenre in what I believe is a totally unique vision of time travel.
  • My historical fantasy/horror novelette "May Our Voices Sing Like Blood from Open Wounds" sold to Intergalactic Medicine Show. This is my first vampire story ever, although as above in a different manner than the norm.

I've also sold reprint and translation rights to both my Nebula Award nominated novella Sublimation Angels and my short story collection Never Never Stories to Douban Read. This Chinese ebook publisher has released translations of works by such authors as Ken Liu and Aliette de Bodard and it's exciting to join their ranks.

In other news I have a story slated to appear next month in Apex Magazine, have recently completed several other short stories and novelettes, and have written 30,000 words of a new young adult novel.

So far my writing muse is loving 2016.