Million Writers Award update: Last days to nominate stories, judges and donations needed

We're into the last days for nominations to the storySouth Million Writers AwardThe deadline for nominations is August 3rd.

Judges needed

As always, we need preliminary judges for the award. If you want to volunteer please let me know. As a judge you'll get to select up to 10 stories for inclusion on our award's notable stories list. These stories can come from the reader and editor nominations or from any other means you desire (i.e., you can hunt down the stories on your own).


So far a number of donations for the prize money have come in, but we still need a few more. Last year we had nearly $1000 in prize money for the winners. All of this prize money was raised through donations from writers, editors and readers. I hope we can reach these amounts again.

To donate, go to the main Million Writers Award website.

And a big thanks to Spotlight Publishing, which is donating copies of the two retrospective anthologies of Million Writers Award stories to this year's winners. For complete information on these anthologies, including how to order, go here for the SF/F anthology and here for the New Online Voices anthology.