Million Writers Award update (the power outage edition)

Thanks to the storms which swept through the eastern U.S. this weekend, my house has gone off the grid. For now, my iPhone is still working so I have a rudimentary ability to post items to this blog, along with access to email and social media. But that's the extent of my online abilities.

Unfortunately, today was when I planned to both release the judge's picks for the Million Writers Award top ten stories and start the public vote for the overall winner. But to do that I need FTP and other online access. As soon as I have it we'll start the final part of the contest. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

Also, the two Million Writers Award anthologies are now available. However, the distributor is still working on placing them with online bookstores like Amazon. That should happen in another week or two. Until it does, if people order from Spotlight Publishing they'll receive immediate shipping and still receive the pre-order pricing of $13.99 for the book and .99 cent shipping. Details and links here.