Big news: Interzone is now available on the Kindle!

443_largeOver the last few years I've published nearly a dozen stories in the British SF magazine Interzone, and I've been a subscriber for even longer. Simply put, Interzone is THE magazine for cutting-edge SF. When you add in the amazing art and mind-blowing reviews, this is a magazine every genre lover should be reading.

Except, most of you don't. Which is understandable since the magazine is difficult to find in much of the world. In the U.S., for instance, only a handful of bookstores carry Interzone. And when the magazine can be found it's always rather expensive. Similar issues arise with the ebook editions of Interzone, which until now have been on distribution systems not used by most people.

So I understand why more people don't read Interzone. But guess what – your excuses are now dead little fish left in the sun for three days. I mean, they're no longer even valid as excuses and stink big time.

Because now Interzone is available on the Kindle!

You can download Interzone 239 here. The issue features great fiction from Matthew Cook, Suzanne Palmer , Nigel Brown, Jacob A. Boyd, Nick Lowe, Steve Rasnic Tem, and Jon Wallace. Kudos to Andy Cox and all the Interzone crew for putting the magazine where so many new readers can discover it.

And if you hate everything Amazon, don't worry – the magazine is still available on Smashwords and Fictionwise

Update: Black Static, Interzone's horror-magazine sister, is also available on the Kindle.