Free ebook edition of InterGalactic Medicine Show Awards Anthology, Volume I

IGMS Cover 1211 - FrontSpotlight Publishing, which released my collection Never Never Stories, also recently published InterGalactic Medicine Show Awards Anthology, Volume  I. Edited by Orson Scott Card and Edmund Schubert, the book collects stories from Card's online magazine and includes an introduction by Peter S. Beagle and stories by me, Beagle, Eugie Foster, Aliette deBodard, Marie Brennan, Alethea Kontis, Eric James Stone, Scott Roberts, James Maxey, and many more.

The big news is that this weekend, from today through Monday, March 26th, you can download the ebook version of the IGMS Awards anthology for free through Amazon. Go here to download the free ebook.

You can also order print copies of the book directly from Spotlight Publishing, who are offering a limited number of copies signed by both Card and Schubert.

Update: The anthology also appears to be available in the U.K. for free this weekend. Here's the UK Amazon link.