A reminder, some praise, and a great SF essay

A few items of note:

1) I'm attending Epic ConFusion this weekend in Detroit. I'm taking part in a number of panels, will be autographing Never Never Stories at the main autograph session at 5 pm on Saturday, and plan to have a ton of fun. My complete schedule is here.

2) Over at the SF Site, D. Douglas Fratz has some amazing words for my fiction. To quote:

Over the decades that I have been reading science fiction, there have been occasions when a new writer with a singular new style and vision appears whose fiction seems destined to have lasting impact on the field. Jason Sanford is one such a new writer. He writes with a confidence and skill that makes it difficult to believe that he burst onto the scene only in the past few years.

Wow! Many thanks to Fratz for the kind words and support.

3) Cory Doctorow's essay "A Vocabulary for Speaking about the Future" in the Jan. 2012 Locus is flat-out one of the best SF essays I've ever read. I plan to write more on the essay in the near future, but until then go and read it!

4) And no, I haven't forgotten about this year's Million Writers Award. Look for the initial announcement about the award next week.