My Epic ConFusion Schedule

After months of slow blogging due to the continual intrusion of that "life" thing, I’m now returning to more regular posting. And the first big news to post is that I’m attending the Epic ConFusion convention from Jan. 20-22 in Detroit. This looks to be an amazing con, with a stellar line-up of authors including

  • Pro GoH -- Patrick Rothfuss
  • Toastmaster -- Jim C. Hines
  • Saladin Ahmed
  • Elizabeth Bear
  • Tobias Buckell
  • Kameron Hurley
  • Jay Lake
  • Cat Rambo
  • John Scalzi
  • Catherine Shaffer
  • Ferret Steinmetz
  • and many, many more.

This will be one of the few con appearances I’ll make this year, so please drop by if you’d like to grab a signed copy of Never Never Stories or simply want to shoehorn me into a in-depth discussion on arcane SF topics.

My schedule is as follows:

10am, Saturday: Grammar Police in Salon F
Anne S. Zanoni, Christian Klaver, Jason Sanford, Charles P. Zaglanis

1pm, Saturday: Science in Fantasy in Salon F
Jason Sanford, Catherine Schaffer, Dr. Phil Kaldon, Jim Hines, Cindy Spence Pape

3pm, Saturday: Reading by Jason Sanford and Bradley Beaulieu in Athens      

5pm, Saturday: Mass Autograph Session in Salon E

8pm, Saturday: Reviews and Criticism in Niles
Gretchen Ash, Howard Andrew Jones, Jason Sanford, Christine Purcell, Robin Hobb

11am, Sunday:  Small Stories in Epic Fantasy in Salon E
Bradley Beaulieu, Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss, Jason Sanford, Brent Weeks

If you’re attending the con, I hope you'll look for me and say hello.