The Evolution of My Love Affair with Google+

  1. I love Google+ because it's not Facebook. It's also cool that I got an invite and you didn't.
  2. I love Google+'s features. Let's hangout 24/7. Let's drag the whole damn world into a circle.
  3. Google+ is the be all and end all of human achievement!
  4. I will name my first-born son Google+!
  5. Ah. That was absolutely amazing, Google+. My best social media experience ever. Now what do we do?
  6. I see. Okay, I guess we can hangout some more.
  7. What do you mean you don't recognize my webcam. It worked the last fifty times I plugged it into you.
  8. What kind of question is that, asking if you're still hip? Of course you are, Google+. But is the word "hip" still hip?
  9. Sigh. I guess we can do a hangout to discuss whether or not hip is hip.
  10. Where the hell are all my Facebook friends? Don't they know they're missing out on the pinnacle of human civilization?
  11. Maybe I'll just pop back over to Facebook to see what everyone is up to.
  12. Oh God! Google+ caught me! I swear it was nothing. Facebook doesn't mean anything to me anymore. We're only friends.
  13. Please don't cry. Sigh. Yes, we can do another damn hangout.
  14. Are you sleeping, Google+? Good. Let me just see what my friends are up to on Facebook ...
  15. Sonofabitch! What's with you, Google+? How do you know everything about me?
  16. Oh. Of course. You are Google, after all. Do no evil my ass.
  17. Am I breaking up with you? No, not really. I still like what we have. But I'm hoping for more of an open relationship.
  18. No, I don't think Twitter and Facebook would be interested in a three-some.
  19. Don't get me wrong, Google+, it's nothing you did. It's me. I'm the one with the problem. 
  20. Hello Facebook! I'm back! How have you been?
  21. What the hell did you do to my privacy settings? No, I don't want Facebook using my profile picture to sell advertising for Sweaty Swine Kissers Anonymous.
  22. Google+, wait! I didn't mean it. Take me back! Please!