Writing a Novel On Google+

I'm extremely impressed with the hangout function on Google+. Not only is it a fun way to interact with people, as a writer I've found the hangout tool to be a great productivity booster. As I've previously mentioned, the combination of chit chat with other writers and the peer-pressure to write can result in some impressive word craft.  All that remains to be seen is if the hangout feature can actually help writers be more productive over the long-term, or if the increased productivity will fizzle out as people grow weary of this social media feature.

To test this, I will write a novel while hanging out on Google+. Yes, an entire novel. I actually started working on the novel in my previous two hangouts so if this pans out that means the entire manuscript will be written while my face is webcammed across the Google+ universe.

Here's the deal: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday I will host a Google+ hangout at 9 pm Eastern. Any writer who is in one of my circles is welcome to take part. Starting at 9 we'll spend about 15 minutes talking shop and fumbling through that social awkwardness we writers know so well. After that we'll write for an hour. Depending on how people feel afterward, we can then follow up with more chit chat and writing.

Speaking for myself, spacing the hangouts over the week will give me time in between to do revisions and plan out the novel. However, the actual hangouts will be solely for writing. If anyone else thinks a regularly scheduled hangout will help your writing, please join in.

I'll also be posting regular updates on how this experiment goes.  And once again, thanks to Mary Robinette Kowal for coming up with the idea of these writers' hangout.