Spotlight Publishing to Release Print Edition of Never Never Stories

NeverNeverStoriesCoverTwo months ago I released Never Never Stories, an ebook collection of my short stories. I took this self-publishing step because I believed it was too difficult to land a traditional publisher for a short story collection.

Turns out I was amazingly, happily wrong.

Spotlight Publishing, a small press in North Carolina which recently relaunched with a focus on science fiction and fantasy books, is releasing a trade paperback edition of Never Never Stories. The book will be out in early August. I will also continue to sell the ebook edition on my own.

The 10 stories in the print edition are:

  • The Ships Like Clouds, Risen by Their Rain
  • When Thorns Are The Tips Of Trees
  • Here We Are, Falling Through Shadows
  • Rumspringa
  • Millisent Ka Plays in Realtime
  • Memoria
  • Peacemaker, Peacemaker, Little Bo Peep
  • Into the Depths of Illuminated Seas
  • A Twenty-First Century Fairy Love Story
  • The Never Never Wizard of Apalachicola

The print edition of Never Never Stories also features my introduction exploring fantasy and archeology along with a dazzling cover by award-winning artist Vincent Chong. The book can be purchased through the Spotlight Publishing website, through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or can be ordered through your local book store.

Signed and Numbered Editions

To celebrate my first book publication, for a limited time I'm selling hand-numbered, dated and signed editions of Never Never Stories.  While the trade paperback will normally cost $15.95, I will be selling these signed editions for $13 plus $2 shipping and handling to U.S. addresses and $13 plus $4 shipping and handling to all addresses outside the U.S.

I'll number these editions based on the order of each purchase, starting with number 1. And I'll only sell them for the next few weeks. After that, you can only purchase Never Never Stories for the regular price. To order a signed, numbered edition, please use the button below.

Order a Signed, Numbered Edition of Never Never Stories

Description: Trade Paperback (8.5"x5.5"); 240 pgs; ISBN# 978-0-9768469-1-8
Price: $13 plus $2 shipping and handling to U.S. addresses; $13 plus $4 shipping and handling to all addresses outside the U.S. All books will ship around August 1st.
Note: If you wish to purchase multiple copies of this signed, numbered edition, please email me at

Note: I am no longer taking orders for signed, numbered editions.