From New Wave to SciFi Strange

Interzone's co-fiction editor Andy Hedgecock has written a must-read article in the academic journal Short Fiction in Theory & Practice.  Titled "From New Wave to SciFi Strange: Thematic Shifts in the SF Short Story," the article examines how "contemporary developments in science fiction storytelling echo" the literary innovations of the 1960s.

Andy first talks with Michael Moorcock about the influential role New Worlds played in the development of the New Wave movement. He then examines my thoughts on SciFi Strange and explores how this new type of SF appears to be orginating with authors instead of editors. Among the authors he quotes include Chris Beckett, Aliette de Bodard, Gareth L. Powell and me. He also quotes Interzone editor Andy Cox on how these developments are playing out in that long-running British magazine.

I highly recommend the article to anyone interested in either SF short fiction or Interzone. The article can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.