My "Writer's Guide to Social Media"

The SFWA blog has published "A Writer's Guide to Social Media," which is a reworking of my original post on the topic from last month. 

Those posts are also an excellent example of why editors are nothing but a good thing in any writer's life. When Todd Vandemark, the web editor for SFWA, approached me about reprinting this post, he said he wanted to run the entire essay from the fourth paragraph on

Obviously this detail caught my attention, so I looked at my original post and realized,  yep, the first three paragraphs are a complete waste of the readers' time—at least with regards to the subject I was writing about. I had fallen into that dreaded writer's curse of digressing on an unrelated subject because it was something I'm interested in.

Of course, Todd was too polite to express all this, but I figured it out when I reread my piece.

So thanks to Todd for reprinting the post, and thanks also for showing so clearly why editors are a great thing.