Teaser for my story "Memoria"

Memoria The other day I plugged my story "Peacemaker, Peacemaker, Little Bo Peep" which will be in the upcoming issue of Interzone focused on my fiction. Today I'll talk about a second story, "Memoria."

In the universe of "Memoria," dimension travel is possible but extracts a horrible cost, ripping apart the minds of volunteers who shield their fellow explorers. Now the crew of one of earth's dimension ships have discovered a creature which might explain why this happens. But the creature has other plans—which unfortunately involve the painful death of every human in existence.

This story is one of the most challenging and experimental I've written and explores how many memories a person can lose before they are no longer who they were. It also ponders if there are some memories we shouldn't be allowed to forget, no matter how much we might want to leave them behind.

Above is the story's spread from Interzone 231. The eye-catching art is by Richard Wagner, who has created a number of amazing illustrations for the magazine.

This issue of Interzone will be mailed to subscribers next Thursday. And don't forget if you subscribe to Interzone you can receive this issue for free. But if you want this special subscription offer, act soon.