Interzone to publish special Jason Sanford issue

This morning the British science fiction and fantasy magazine Interzone accepted my short story "Memoria" and my novelette "Peacemaker, Peacemaker, Little Bo Peep." Obviously this is the type of exciting news every writer loves waking up to.  But it turns out Interzone editor Andy Cox had even bigger news to share: Interzone will publish these stories in a special issue focused on my fiction!

My mind is blown away by this. See the hole emerging through my skull. See brain matter exploding outward. Wow!

According to Andy, this "Jason Sanford special issue" will be in Interzone 231 (November/December 2010). The issue will include the two stories mentioned above along with my already accepted story "Millisent Ka Plays in Realtime" and an interview with me conducted by Andrew Hedgecock.

I want to thank Andy Cox and all the Interzone editors for this honor and for publishing so many of my stories. Interzone took an early chance with my fiction and has given my writings more exposure than I ever could have imagined. They are also one of the best SF/F magazines in the world. Even if they'd never published a single one of my stories, I'd still eagerly await each issue because Interzone is the primary source for today's cutting edge short fiction. If you want to read mind-expanding stories which push the bounds of science fiction and fantasy, you must read Interzone.

To receive this special issue, be sure to subscribe to Interzone. And again, many thanks to Andy Cox and all the Interzone editors and readers for the amazing support they've given my fiction.

Andrew Hedgecock