My Context 23 schedule

Next week I'll be a participating author at the Context 23 convention in Columbus. As I've said before, Context is a small literary con which is always well worth attending.

If you want to catch me at the convention, here's my panel schedule:

Friday, Aug. 27, 10 pm
"BFA: The Good, Bad, and Ugly?" with myself and Janet Harriett.

Saturday, Aug. 28, 10 am
"Blogging – Creativity and Publicity" with myself, Maurice Broaddus, Janet Harriett, Joseph Martino, Michelle Pendergrass, and others.

Saturday, 2:30 pm
"Is a SF Renaissance Around The Corner?" I'm moderating this panel and the current line-up includes Tobias Buckell, Timons Esaias, Maura Heaphy, Paul Melko, and Paul Stevens. This will be a great discussion, so don't miss it.

Saturday, 4:00 pm
"Southern Horror"with myself, Michael Knost, Michelle Pendergrass, and others.

Saturday, 7:00 pm
"Awards, Nominations, And Publicity, Oh My! Make It Work For You" with myself, Michael Knost, Michael West, and others.

Apologies for not having all the names for these panels, but I don't have access to the final line-ups.

During the con I'll be giving away extra copies of Interzone 228, which contains my story "Plague Birds." If you'd like a copy, simply ask for one. I'll even be happy to sign it.