Million Writers Award update

I have finished reading the 190 Million Writers Award notable stories, so my picks for the top ten online stories of the year will be released on Saturday, May 15.

The public vote for the overall winners will begin the following day. After seeking feedback in recent weeks on this public vote, I have decided to limit the vote to 16 days. This means the public vote will run from May 16 through May 31. Based on feedback from people, I believe this will be enough time for everyone to read the top ten stories and vote.

Don't forget that thanks to our generous donors,this year the prizes break down as follows:

  • First place: $400, plus the $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate and a one-year Greatest Uncommon Denominator subscription;
  • Runner-up: $200, plus PDFs of GUD magazine;
  • Honorable mention (third place): $50, plus PDFs of GUD magazine.

For more information on the award, please see the main Million Writers Award page.