Tracking my writing (and flushing my life away on the internet)

Last week I mentioned tracking my writing life. As such, here are my writing times for the second week of 2010:

  • Time spent on new short story writing: 3 hours
  • Time spent revising and editing short stories: 3 hours
  • Time spent on my novel: 3 hours
  • Time spent on communications with editors/fellow writers/others: 2 hours
  • Time spent on Facebook/Twitter/Blog: 4 hours
  • Time spent reading the news and doing other stupid stuff online: 10 hours

Okay, I'm really ticked at wasting so much time on the internet this week. Writing content for my blog and talking with friends on Facebook doesn't bother me. But 10 hours reading news and goofing off online? Crap. Did I really gain anything from those 10 hours I couldn't have learned in 30 minutes? No. Especially when this time took away from sleep, exercise, and reading. This falls back on not wasting your life and is something I'll work hard to fix this week.

In some good news, I received Interzone 226 with my new story in it, finished a rewrite of my novel summary, made good headway on a new SF story, donated blood and money to the Red Cross, and spent time with my family. So I wasn't a total salted garden slug.