CliffsNotes to the great short story rate fail debate

Don't know where to start wading through the great community angst and anger session some are already calling rate fail? Never fear, CliffsNotes are here.

  • John Scalzi starts with a rant against Black Matrix Publishing for paying nothing for nothing. Unable to let the dead horse remain dead, Scalzi beats the horse over and over and over (in process coining phrase "Aspiring Writer Stockholm Syndrome" and causing one blogger to proclaim him a genius).
  • Naturally writers are offended, both at Scalzi for insulting their publishing credits, at Black Matrix for paying so little, at writers for being so insulted over being insulted (say it isn't so), and at the unfair publishing world, which ignores far too many of the writers taking part in this entire debate. (Again, say it isn't so).
  • And now, as the bombs die down, a few brave souls emerge from the wreckage to offer their summaries of what all this means. Definitely read this, and this, and this.

As for myself, I'm now officially sick of all this. How about we return to more traditional sources of angst and anger in the genre community. Like how everyone hates the use of red matter in the new Star Trek movie.