Several suggestions for Nebula Awards

Last night I submitted a few works as "suggested reading" for the Nebula Award, which under the new rules is the quasi-unofficial first step in the award process. My initial suggestions are:

  • "The Art of the Dragon" by Sean McMullen (F&SF, Aug-Sept. 2009)
  • "The Shangri-La Affair" by Lavie Tidhar (Strange Horizons, Jan. 2009)
  • "The Radio Magician" by James Van Pelt (Realms of Fantasy, Feb. 2009)

I'll no doubt have more suggestions as the year goes on. I also regret that I can't suggest several stories from Interzone, but the SFWA rules specifically forbid that since Interzone is a British magazine. Anyway, the official nomination period for the Nebulas opens on November 15. Any story I list on my blog as suggested reading will definitely be among my official nominations.