Support Tim Pratt and his serial story idea

SF/F writer Tim Pratt's wife was laid off yesterday. As he details on his Livejournal page, he and his wife are searching for freelance work to both keep a roof over their heads and pay their son's medical bills (so if you know of anyone needing a talented freelancer, contact him).

Tim also says he is "toying with the idea of writing a Marla Mason prequel novella/shortnovel, about her early days as a sorcerer. Would any of you be interested in a donation-driven serial approach, with me posting a chapter a week free online, and soliciting whatever people want to pay? And possibly selling a hard copy/e-book through or something when it's done?"

I'd totally support that. Help convince Pratt to write this story by going to his Livejournal page and making a pledge.

UPDATE: Tim is now writing the serial story. As Tim explains, "Bone Shop tells the story of Marla's evolution from runaway to sorcerer's apprentice to mercenary magician and beyond. Fans of the urban fantasy series that began with Blood Engines will find surprising secrets revealed about Marla's past, and new readers can meet the character from the very beginning." To read the story, go here. The first chapter will be posted June 29. Be sure to hit the donate button on that page.