No Kindle for me

I love the idea of the Amazon Kindle.  My mother has one and loves it, the screen is easy to read with, and you can download books immediately. I was considering purchasing one. However, the fact that the Kindle's DRM only allows you to download a particular book a few times killed that impulse.

I wonder if the Kindle will end up being like the original Macintosh computer, which popularized image-driven home computers but was so restrictive and expensive that it was eclipsed by Windows PCs. I also wonder if people who have been buying ebooks for their Kindles will start running into this issue more and more in the years to come, particularly when they upgrade to a new Kindle or an alternative system and the DRM keeps them from moving their books to these platforms. I mean, if someone came into my house and tried to take my books we'd have violence. How is it any different when someone does this same theft electronically?

For now, I'll stick with dead tree books.