My Outshine prose poem

OutShine is a Twitterzine edited by Jetse de Vries which publishes optimistic, near future prose poems. The catch with a Twitterzine is that each story or poem can only be 140 characters.

A few weeks back Outshine published one of my optimistic prose poems. Here it is, reprinted in its entirety:

She dissipatedthe past. Footsteps walking reclaimed beaches. Grinned as seagulls abandoned all worship of trash to instead hunt fish.

Anyone interested in submitting to Outshine should check out their submission guidelines (and do note that they are a paying market). Outshine also publishes an excellent selection of insightful quotes, and is worth reading on a regular basis.

On a final note, Jetse is also working on the Shine anthology of optimistic SF. I'm writing two stories which might work for the anthology, but I won't know until the end of April if they'll be ready to submit.