Wanted: Web magazine for two top short fiction editors

The November 2008 Locus arrived in my mailbox today and it features a great interview with Gardner Dozois. In the interview, Dozois remarks on a recent conversation he had with Ellen Datlow, who (like Gardner) is also out of work. Gardner said, "We should really start a web magazine where you do the horror and fantasy and I do the science fiction. Now we just need somebody with deep pockets to fund it. If somebody approached us, there's no doubt we would do it."

Am I the only one dumb-founded that the two best SF/F editors around are not currently editing a magazine? If I had deep pockets, I'd start this web magazine. Since my pockets are shallow, I'll do this instead: If someone starts this magazine and hires Datlow and Dozois as editors, I'll commit to a subscription up front.