Labor Day SF/F magazine renewal drive

In honor of Labor Day, I'm calling on lovers of short science fiction and fantasy stories to renew their subscriptions early. As everyone knows, the SF/F magazine genre's financial situation is still shaky. So instead of waiting until the last minute to renew, do so early. This will help your favorite magazines, which "labor" so hard to bring us the SF/F stories we all love. And if you don't have a subscription to renew, then subscribe. With online subscription ordering, doing so has never been easier.

And just to show that my money is where my mouth is, I recently did two-year renewals for Asimov's, Apex Digest, and Fantasy and Science Fiction, while I also renewed Locus (which isn't truly a SF/F short story magazine, but is still recommended for anyone interested in the genre).

Here are some links to subscription/renewal sites for the major SF/F magazines: