Nebula Award dismay

Over on the Asimov's forum, Gardner Dozois is worried that the lack of participation by SFWA members in the Nebula Awards nominating process. In the most recent award cycle, this almost resulted in not enough nominees being posted for the different award categories. Now Dozois warns this is shaping up to happen again with the new award cycle. He's especially concerned that stories being touted as among thebest of the year--"The Political Prisoner," "The Egg Man," "The Ray-Gun: A Love Story," "From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled," "Shoggoths in Bloom," "The Surfer," "The Dust Assassin," "The Tear," "Poison Victory," and so forth--at this point only have one Nebula nomination each (and with that one nomination usually coming from Dozois himself).

I must admit my ignorance on why people aren't nominating stories, especially since active members of the SFWA can nominate as many stories as they want. I recently turned in my application to join the SFWA, so if everything goes through okay I'll make sure to nominate a slew of stories.