Story of the Week: Bayou by Jeremy Love

My new story of the week is the web comic Bayou by Jeremy Love. This Southern fantasy/horror tale is the story of Lee Wagstaff, the daughter of a poor black sharecropper growing up in 1930's Mississippi. When a monster from the bayou eats/kidnaps a white girl, Lee's father is arrested and facing a certain lynching. To save her father, Lee goes into the bayou to find the girl.

Love's writing is sparse and his artwork beyond beautiful. This is Southern Gothic at its best, and a perfect example of why the tropes and awful history of the South continually bring forth some of the best literature around.

As of this date, Bayou isn't finished, with new panels being continually added to the story. So bookmark the site and check back every now and then to see what has befallen Lee Wagstaff in your absence. You will be glad you did.