The Grandmaster and the SFWA president

On the Asimov's readers forum, Gardner Dozois and Tom Purdom were discussing how the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award is dependent to a large extent on the SFWA president. As Purdom says, the SFWA "president picks the Grandmaster, with the concurrence of the current officers and the past presidents." Dozois concurs and adds that "I know for a fact that who the President was pushing for was the key factor in who got the Grandmaster on several occasions--sometimes against stiff oppositionfrom other SFWA officials." Purdom requested that someone compile a list of SFWA presidents and the Grandmaster picks for their terms. Here's that list, which is based on data from Wikipedia:

Obviously, there might be minor discrepancies with the list since there are occasional overlaps between presidential terms and the year a Grandmaster was selected. Still, the list points to possible stylistic, political and philosophical patterns between the SFWA president and the Grandmaster(s) chosen during their terms. However, I'll leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions on these points.