SFWA selects Michael Moorcock as grand master

After all of the drama surrounding the SFWA in the last year, it's great to see them get one thing right as they name Michael Moorcock the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master for 2008. Interzone recently published a special issue devoted to Moorcock (talk about being timely). In honor of this honor, let me quote from the excellent interview with Moorcock in that issue:

"I don't like being too safe, too comfortable, too predictable or to have too much of a routine. Still, I'm doing my best with what I have. And I still think of good stories in response to contemporary events and I still keep my optimism, which has always been rooted in the pleasure I take in the kindness of strangers."

Congratulations to Moorcock on a well-earned honor. And thanks to him for the excellent writing and perspective he has provided to the world.