Interzone reader's poll selections

Interzone's annual reader's poll is now accepting votes. As is tradition, readers can vote positively for as many stories from 2007 as they want, and likewise give a negative thumb down to any stories they truly hate. The winners are based on the combined totals of all positive and negative votes. My positive votes are:

  • "Molly and the Red Hat" by Benjamin Rosenbaum (issue 213). See my review of the story here.
  • "Tearing Down Tuesday" by Steven Francis Murphy (issue 210).
  • "A Handful of Pearls" by Beth Bernobich (issue 212). See my review here.
  • "Winter" by Jamie Barras (issue 209).

And yes, I wimped out and didn't cast any negative votes. But the truth is that I really enjoyed Interzone last year and none of their stories rubbed me the wrong way. The magazine also looks set to have a strong 2008, with Jason Stoddard's novella "Far Horizon" already on my radar for next year's reader's poll.

Update on 2-26-08

Since I can vote for more than four stories, I decided to add in two more positive votes:

  • "Softly Shining in the Forbidden Dark" by Jason Stoddard (issue 208)
  • "Metal Dragon Year" by Chris Roberson (issue 213)