Books that make you dumber than Virgil's whole analysis

Via the always great SF Signal comes books that make you dumb. Created by Virgil Griffth, the analysis cross references the 10 most popular books at different colleges with that college's average SAT score. This, according to Virgil, shows the correlation between the type of books being read and how dumb or smart someone is.

There are way too many issues with this analysis to take it seriously, starting with the fact that having read Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita is not a signature mark of intelligence these days. Ironically, Virgil originally labeled Lolita as "Erotica" instead of "Classics." After being mobbed by literature majors, Virgil changed this while snarking that his complainers "lack any sense of humor."

Anyway, I'm sure this analysis will provoke tons of outrage and indignation, all while missing the larger points that a) the analysis is based only on Facebook data, and b) any analysis which claims people who don't read at all are smarter than those who read Fahrenheit 451 or the Bible can only be laughed at.