Getting your Fix with short fiction reviews

TTA Press, the publisher of Interzone, Black Static, and Crimewave, has debuted an online short fiction review site called The Fix. Originally published for nearly a decade as a print magazine, the Fix is now a purely online venture. So far, the reviews I've read are excellent, while the simple yet classy web design makes finding and reading the reviews an enjoyable experience.

For what it's worth, the Fix's Ziv Wities also takes a less than charitable view of my short story "Freelanga" in the recent anthology I Am This Meat. As Ziv says, its "A solid story, mostly aimed at building up the final scene; this reader found Freelanga pleasant but unremarkable." Ah well. Guess I can't be dishing out my own reviews in this blog if I can't take the heat of what other people think about my stories.