Columbus, Ohio, lands 2010 World Fantasy Convention

The news is now out: Columbus, Ohio, won the bid for the 2010 World Fantasy Convention. The convention will evidently be held that year during Halloween weekend.Now I'm sure a few people are asking "Columbus? What the hell's in Columbus?" For all those ignorant . . . er, uneducated folk who believe the U.S.A. begins and ends with the initials NYC or LA, Columbus is the largest city in Ohio and the 15th largest in the country. The city and region boasts a large per capita number of science fiction and fantasy writers. Columbus is also a highly literary city, with a library system consistently ranked as the best in the country. I love this city even though I'm a transplanted Columbusite--don't love that term, though--and I look forward to our community showcasing both Columbus and fantasy in 2010.