Genre Grapevine columns on Patreon

I haven't been posting news and information on my website lately because I now write a weekly Genre Grapevine column for my Patreon supporters. The column provides insider news and information for people in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres along with submission information on new and current markets.

One of my frustrations when I first began writing fiction was not knowing what was going on in the genre. I'd submit a story to a magazine then hear, months later, that the magazine was closing. Or I'd submit to a publisher only to learn the publisher had a two-year backlog of submissions.

This information was known to genre insiders, who talked about it among themselves. At conventions and on private forums you'd hear the inside scoop on markets and editors and so much more. But for a beginning author this information was so scattered or hard to find as to be unknowable.

My Genre Grapevine column is an attempt to provide this insider information to everyone. The column is available for only $1 a month.

For a sample column, go here. Also check out my original reporting around genre issues, such as on Spectacle Magazine and Dream Foundry.

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