Info and links for Hugo Award nominations (including my Campbell Award shortlist)

The nomination deadline for this year's Hugo Awards is March 17. To nominate you must be a member of MidAmeriCon II, Worldcon 75 and/or Worldcon 76 in San José. If you're a member you should have been emailed a personal link for your nominations. If you're not a member it's too late to join and nominate although you'd still be able to vote for the finalists later this year.

Below are links to information I've collected as I worked on my Hugo Award nominees. I hope people find this useful.

And in a blatant self promotion, my "Blood Grains Speak Through Memories" is a finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Novelette and also eligible for the Hugo Award in that same category. If you read and liked my novelette please consider it for a nomination.

On with the info and links.

General Hugo Award info and links

  • Hugo Nominees 2017 Wikia — This is a great resource to learn about the potential nominees in the different categories (and especially in the less-known Hugo categories). Highly recommended.
  • Rocket Stack Rank's Hugo Awards overview — RSR focuses on short fiction reviews, with their Hugo overview listing rankings for different stories based on number of reviews and year's best reprints. However, their page also includes additional info on the eligible professional artists (with a "lightbox" sample of their art) along with best editors and other categories.
  • Hugo Award spreadsheet — The people behind Lady Business have pulled together a great spreadsheet of eligible Hugo nominees suggested by themselves and fellow fans. Click through the tabs for each category and, if you wish, make your own suggestions.
  • 2016 Nebula Awards finalists — Lots of great stories and novels on this list, all of which are eligible for the Hugos.

Campbell Award Shortlist

The John W. Campbell Award is given to a new SF/F author whose first published genre work happened in the previous two years. Because of this rolling two-year eligibility there is sometimes confusion over which authors can be nominated.

An excellent resource is Writertopia's list of Campbell-eligible authors, which breaks down all the eligible authors and also lists whether they're in their first or second year of eligibility.

I've compiled a short list below of the eligible authors who have caught my eye with their fiction over the last two years. I list their eligibility year after their name and also link to their websites. This names below form the basis for my Campbell nominations.