Never Never Stories released in China

My short story collection Never Never Stories has been translated and released in China by Douban Read.

The collection is being released as two separate books with similar but different covers. Here's the link to Never Never Stories Book 1 and here's Book 2.

In the near future Douban Read will release book editions of more of my stories, including "Blood Grains Speaks Through Memories," "Paprika," and "Mirrorblink." They've already released translations of my Nebula Award nominated novella Sublimation Angels and "The Ships Like Clouds, Risen By Their Rain." All of these works are listed on my Douban Read author page.

I want to thank my Douban Read editor Pei Liu for all the hard work on translating and publishing these stories. And many thanks also to all the readers in China who have responded so positively to my writing.