Podcast of "We Eat The Hearts That Come For You"

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine has released an audio version of my story "We Eat The Hearts That Come For You." Here's the story's teaser:

Brother Marrow has taken a monastic vow to live within the real world, and avoid opening his neural connection to the virtual, but one day something forces its way into his connection, and at the same time in the village below someone is killed…

Originally published in Jennifer Brozek's anthology Bless Your Mechanical Heart, "We Eat The Hearts..." has been called "a compelling story about love, loss, obsession, and perception."

Many thanks to Big and Rish, who have created a number of excellent audio versions of my stories in the past. And special thanks to Justin Charles for producing the story.

The story is available on streaming services, the Dunesteef website, and their YouTube channel.