Stop the Goodreads bullies ... stopped?

Who could have predicted that authors attacking readers would not end well?

It appears Stop the Goodreads Bullies (STGRB), a group of authors including Anne Rice who campaigned to punish readers who post multiple "bad" reviews on Goodreads and other sites, has shut down. Their website is now defunct, pulling up only a generic placeholder site by the domain hosting company.

For more on the inane history of this group, check out my post on STGRB from two years ago. I also suggest reading Foz Meadows' analysis or this Dear Author post

The circumstances of the STGRB site disappearing also suggest behind the scenes drama in the group. According to the Wayback Machine, the last post on the site was in December 2015. The site also experienced intermittent outages this year. 

But it now appears the site is down for good. Internic is reporting the STGRB site has a "ClientTransferProhibited" hold on their url, while the STGRB hosting company (see screengrab) says "The domain [] has been banned from being used on FastDomain."

What does all that mean? Did someone merely forget to renew the url when it expired or were more serious actions taken against STGRB? I have no idea, but either way it appears Stop the Goodread Bullies has been stopped. Much to the enjoyment of readers everywhere.