The Hugo Awards ceremony drinking game

The 2015 Hugo Award winners will be announced this Saturday night at 8 pm at Sasquan. Considering the drama of the last few months, the ceremony might be a night to remember.

Thankfully, most of fandom won't be in attendance, which reduces the odds of actual screaming matches. But we can still watch the ceremony live through the convention's UStream. And the great thing about streaming the ceremony is you can drink as much as you want.

So in honor of all the fun Sasquan is about to unleash, here's a little Hugo Awards ceremony drinking game for everyone to enjoy.

Drink every time

  • Someone uses a euphemism for puppies.
  • Someone politely mentions the "controversy" in the SF/F genre
  • David Gerrold makes a joke about being reported to the Spokane Police Department
  • The audience applauds after a Hugo winner's name is announced no matter their political views.
  • Someone you dislike or a story you dislike wins a Hugo.
  • Someone you like or a story you like wins a Hugo.
  • Someone says the genre is big enough and diverse enough to contain many different people and viewpoints.
  • Someone says more people voted for these Hugo winners than have voted in years.
  • No Award is declared a winner.

Take a double shot every time

  • Someone says SF/F stories shouldn't contain political themes or be written in literary styles.
  • Someone mentions how back in the old days we all got along.
  • A Hugo winner announces that their win is indicative of ______.
  • Someone makes a joke playing off the initials for venereal disease.

Drink several shots and rant on social media every time

  • Someone says they don't understand social media or that weird thing called the intra-nets.
  • Someone tries to create a new word to insult those they disagree with.
  • Someone complains about the young kids in the genre who don't know their genre history.
  • Someone says you can't be a true genre fan if you don't read Heinlein
  • Someone talks about how their voice is being censored merely because they were challenged about something they said.

Drink everything in the house/bar and scream

  • If a Hugo winner gives a finger to the camera or curses.
  • A white man says white men in the genre can't get a break these days.
  • A riot breaks out during the ceremony and the Spokane Police Department arrives to restore order to the SF/F genre.
  • David Gerrold is arrested for either causing the riot or on suspicion of being an opinionated troublemaker.