"Duller's Peace" in Asimov's Science Fiction


My short story "Duller's Peace" is now available in the September 2015 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction. The print edition is available in stores while the digital edition can be purchased for the Amazon Kindle and many other ebook formats.

I think this story is going to shock many readers. Which, considering the topic — the monitoring of both dissent and people's lives — is something everyone should be shocked by.

The story is already receiving some nice praise. K. Tempest Bradford calls the story "Highly Recommended" on io9, adding:

"An intense distopian world in which a government achieves control through nanotechnology that reaches into everything, including your thoughts. The concept is creepy, mostly because it’s not far fetched. I can see people balking at the ending, I say it’s perfect."

Author Suzanne Palmer says

Thanks to Tempest and Suzanne for the kind words about the story.