Do you believe in miracles?

So DeepSouthCon announces John C. Wright will be the guest of honor at their 2016 convention in Roswell, Georgia. Which is the convention's choice, this being a free country and all and people being allowed to say what they want and honor any author they desire.

Funny thing, though. Not only is it a free country and you can say and associate with anyone you like but other people can do the same. And if you honor an author known for attacking others and spewing hate all over the genre, there's a chance people may decide not to associate with your convention. Or spend their money registering for your convention.

All of which brings up an interesting coincidence — the 2016 DeepSouthCon has been cancelled. According to an announcement on their website, the people running the con "decided that it was no longer feasible to host the convention."

I have no proof the selection of Wright as guest of honor and the cancelling of the convention six months later are in any way related. These facts may simply be two isolated events swirling in the chaos we delightfully call existence.

But this is still an interesting coincidence. Or miracle, depending on your worldview.