My story "Duller's Peace" is now online

The other day K. Tempest Bradford named my short story "Duller's Peace" among the five best stories so far this year.

Result: A number of people asking to read the story. Which turned bad, because the issue of Asimov's Science Fiction containing the story is no longer available. Which turned good because Asimov's said I could go ahead and post the story online for everyone to read.

Here's "Duller's Peace" to download. Enjoy.

Many thanks to Asimov's editor Sheila Williams for both accepting the story and allowing me to reprint it online. In case you need more convincing to read "Duller's Peace," here's a sample of reviews and feedback.

A "moral indictment of other nations trying to control a people or a country" and "a powerful story that is extremely relevant in the world today, yet is clearly true SF as well. Well done, Mr. Sanford, well done." — Bob Blough, Tangent Online

"Duller's Peace" is "another well-crafted story from Sanford" with a real chilling ending. — Sam Tomaino, SFRevu

Highly recommended "An intense distopian world in which a government achieves control through nanotechnology that reaches into everything, including your thoughts. The concept is creepy, mostly because it’s not far fetched. I can see people balking at the ending, I say it’s perfect."  —  K. Tempest Bradford, io9